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Solid Washing Machine Cleaner Effervescent Tablet, Deep Cleaning Tablets for All Machines 10 Counts

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【Multiple Applications】

Washing machine cleaners are suitable for front-loading washing machines, top-loading washing machines and traditional washing machines. They can also be used for toilet and kitchen cleaning to keep your life in a safe and clean environment.

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Solid Washing Machine Cleaner

Nobody likes to wash clothes in a stinky washer! A clean laundry room and a fresh odorless washing machine are essential to washing clothes. We’re here to help you achieve that dream laundry room.

Designed to clean inside all makes and models of top load and front load washing machines.

load and front load washing machines.

Tips to keep your machine fresh:

  • Always remove items from washer as soon as the cycle ends.
  • After washer cycle is complete, leave door open to allow for better ventilation.
  • Use only HE compatible detergents in HE washers.
  • Leave the dispenser drawer open at the end of washer use.

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