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  • 50 Pc Fidget Toy Box Pack Set of Mini Popit Sensory Toys with Poppit Dimple and Party Favors for Girls, Boys, Kids, Autistic ADHD Autism Children including New Figetget Figet Spinners, Pop Tubes
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Stop Searching for the Perfect Fidget Toys Pack! This is it!

pop it infinity cube mochi squish toys simple dimple fidget pad

Are you children obsessed with fidgets? Are they asking you for marble and mesh, mochis, poppers, and sensory fidgets? Are you thinking, "I wish there was a box that had all of these fidget toys in one place!"? If this is you, look no further! Zen introduces the Fidget Toy Pack ends all searches!

Kids playing with Butterfly Dimple, wacky track, snake cube, marble and mesh, and monkey noodles
Dinosaur, Unicorn, and Ice Cream Poppit

Push Poppers

Race to see how fast you can pop all the bubbles, play a fun two-person strategy game, or simply just fidget for no reason at all.

Infinity cube makes many different shapes

Infinity Cube

Infinity cubes can be flipped and folded forever. The perfect fidget for brainstorming, working, or studying.

Colorful DNA Stress ball feels satisfying to squish and squeeze

Colorful Stress Ball

This fidget is the ultimate stress ball! With a transparent outer shell and many colored soft balls on the inside its so fun to squeeze and squish.

Pop tubes in different fun shapes

Pop Tubes

Pop Tubes make an otherworldly sound as you expand them. Compress them to make a satisfying popping sound. Swirl the tubes to hear them whistle.

Zen Laboratory Fidget Toys Pack with 50 Pieces!

Pop Tubes Marble and Mesh Pop It Infinity Cube Fidget Spinner

An Insane Value for the Fidget Obsessed!

Your eyes do not deceive you! If purchased separately each piece would total over a hundred. Our scientists packed the most popular fidgets including the infinity cube, dinosaur & unicorn poppers, fidget pad, snake cubes, wacky track, marble and mesh, pop tubes, mochi squish toys, and so much more!

Fun strategy popper game for two players that builds social skills and critical thinking.

Challenge Friends in Fun Two-Person Strategy Game!

Pop a few or pop an entire row, just don't be the last to go! This popper strategy game will test your creative thinking. At Zen, we want to encourage children to put down their phones, and play together.


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