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Laptop stand [latest version in 2021] Folding stand Smartphone tablet stand PC stand Notebook pc

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[Adjustable height and angle in 6 + 9 steps] The ergonomic design of Sanquuqoo's foldable laptop stand allows you to freely adjust the angle and height of your choice from 11 cm to 27 cm. You can work comfortably at a comfortable angle, freed from the inconvenient height of desks and chairs in your office or home

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[Highly adjustable laptop stand]

● Height can be adjusted. Since the height can be freely adjusted from 3.5 cm to 31 cm, the inclination angle can be adjusted from 0 ° to 80 ° to the highest altitude that suits you best.

● There are 9 steps of angle adjustment in the front and 6 steps of height adjustment in the rear.

● The height and angle of the computer can be adjusted according to your preference, and by raising your eyes and correcting your posture, you can reduce the burden on your shoulders and neck during long hours of desk work, and effectively prevent stooping. I will.

● It is a PC stand that is elaborately made from aluminum alloy material to the overall structure to the details.

● Laptop stand Fine finish, strong stability, never shakes even if the computer is placed on the stand.

pc stand laptop

PC notebook stand

Tablet stand 15 inches

[High quality aluminum alloy]

It is a PC stand that is elaborately made from aluminum alloy material to the overall structure to the details.

Due to the triangular design made of aluminum alloy, it is highly stable and has a load capacity of 20KG, and can withstand the weight of various laptops and tablets.

[2021-improved version-heat countermeasures completed]

The stand is made of aluminum and is highly heat-conducting, and the hollow design improves the breathability of the bottom of the notebook.

[Rounded edge]

Since the edges are rounded, there is less risk of scratching.

[Outstanding non-slip and stability]

Since the non-slip silicone pad is attached to the top and back of the stand, the laptop is stable without slipping, and it also protects the contact surface such as the desk and prevents it from slipping.

No matter where you touch it, it feels like silk. The surface is carefully polished.


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