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Massage Gun Deep Tissue Massager - Percussion Massager Gun Deep Tissue Portable Body Muscle Massager Gun

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Through deep and powerful vibration, our handheld massage can not only relax your stiff muscle but also relax your soft tissue, at the same time, Percussion Body Massage Gun can also help you stimulate the circulation of blood and release lactic acid.

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Our massage gun can help the user relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, increase blood pressure, improve the overall health of the body's soft tissues, moreover, it can prevent fasciitis which is a kind of painful and difficult to heal inflammation caused by adhesion between the fascia and muscles.

You can choose between 6 different vibration speeds to find the best fit for your muscles.

It can be use to:

(1)Reduce or eliminate pain and swelling

(2)Restore elasticity and length to muscles

(3)Increase range of motion

(4)Increase blood flow and lymphatic

Package including:
Percussion Massager x1 + Charging Cable x1 + PremiumTravel Carrying Case x1 + Interchangeable Heads x6 + Instruction Manual x1

Note: Not waterproof. After use, it can be dried with a towel for storage. More functions: you can refer to the manual of the package.

Handheld Muscle Massager

Deep Tissue Percussion Massager Gun

Electric Body Massager

Percussion Massage Gun

Rapid Release of Lactic Acid

Massage gun helps relieve muscle soreness and stiffness after exercise/work, promotes rapid blood circulation and releases lactic acid and recover.

High-torque Motor

Rejuvenate sore tissue and aching muscles. The TOMKING handheld percussion massager gun boosts athletic performance when incorporated into pre-workout warm-ups and post-workout recovery routines.

Perfect Device For Your Massage

It is sure to cater all your massage needs.It’s a great device for relieving pain and tension from intense activity like sports or workouts. Perfect to use at home, office, or even outdoor as it is lightweight and compact. Super easy to use and carry!

6 Interchangeble Heads

6 matching professional massage heads are provided for different parts, take care of every muscle group. The corresponding massage heads are replaced according to your own needs.

Muscle Massage Gun

fascia gun

deep muscle massage

Percussion Massager

Deep Muscle

Breaks up knots and relaxes tight muscles, digging deep and providing relief in even hard-to-reach.

Percise Massage

Choose from 6 speeds and 6 massage heads to get just the right amount of intensity in just the right spot.

Easy to Operate

A single button seamlessly toggles through settings until you land on the pressure level you need.

Recover Faster

Deep compression massage triggers myofascial release, enhancing your body’s built-in ability to regenerate cells and repair muscles.

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