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Foot Pads - (60Pads) Ginger Foot Pads for Better Sleep and Anti-Stress Relief, Pure Natural Bamboo Vinegar and Ginger Powder

  • ❤ BENEFITS OF GINGER FOOT PADS: Works while you sleep, improves sleep quality and is suitable for deep sleep. Promotes circulation and provides warmth to your feet throughout the night. Exfoliates your feet, leaving your soles smoother and creamier. Relieves fatigue and gives you a relaxing rest and relief after a long day at work.
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❤ Ginger Foot Pads For Your Better Sleep 

Our foot pads are formulated with ingredients to increase cognitive function and the ability to relax, resulting in the ability to go to sleep faster and to get more out of sleep. 

❤ Designed By The US 

Designed by the US R&D team, traditional Chinese medicine manufacturing. Acupoint moxibustion based on traditional Chinese medicine, each foot pad contains pure bamboo vinegar extract, dextrin, ginger and tourmaline. All natural ingredients that revive circulation and improve cognitive relaxation. 

❤ Safe And Quality 

Professional institution recognition, and easy to use. Disposable, no mess ! All Foot Pads can be used as needed 7-10 hours a night, 365 days a year. We recommend use of at least 7 hours a night. 

❤ Aroma Infused Foot Pads 

Ginger& Lavender are two scents have been used in Aroma Therapy body relief methods for thousands of years. 

❤ For Best Results 

Apply each patch to the bottom of your feet before sleeping. After waking up they will appear charcoal colored. 

❤ Product Packaging Details 

60 Organic foot pads, 60 Adhesives, English packaging, An English manual,designed to provide 30 nights of comfort, relief, and joy! 


As with any foot pads product, consult a DR before using our bamboo body relief feet pads, as unknown allergies could emerge. The effects of these foot care pads are not always immediate, it could take up to 3 - 4 nights before noticeable results.

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